Random eats, Memorial Day weekend [Salem, Charlestown, Maynard MA]

My parents came up on Saturday. We wanted to take advantage of the decent weather and eat outdoors so we went to a new-to-us place, The Black Lobster in Salem. We sat outside on the deck which has a fabulous view of Beverly Harbor. Just put it this way - I wouldn’t go there for the food (we all got different variations of lobster roll and the lobster in my CT-style was rather rubbery… didn’t ask everyone else because I didn’t want to spoil a pleasant time we were having). Sometimes friendly service, cold adult beverages, and a nice view is all we need. Spring onion was happy, too.

We spent Sunday at the park in the shadow of the Zakim, which is just awesome. My parents were wowed by it. Lunch was a no-brainer – Brewers Fork. The back patio had plenty of room at noonish. Pizzas were great all around (although still floppier than my ideal), my mom’s blue fish sandwich looked good as did my dad’s big ass burger. Great service as always. If we lived closer, we’d be there for weeknight dinners for sure.

Mom and dad went home Sunday. Monday, not great weather wise, we headed out to Battle Road, our new favorite place. We were the first ones in there at around noon. Spring onion had the run of the place and mom and dad relaxed with some delicious beers. B had something off the meat sweats menu (I think brisket and chicken) while I had the fried haddock sandwich. These guys really make great sandwiches I have to say. On our way home we stopped by Wilson farm and grabbed some prepped foods from Magic Bites, a Lebanese (?) bakery in Arlington which I’ve been meaning to try. The onion dip and the lentil bites were delicious. I must check out the bakery itself.


huh, thanks for the tip. I didn’t know about this place.

It’s right next to Blue Ribbon, on Mass Ave.

And I must correct myself - they are Turkish.

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