Random eats: Heights Pub and Sono Sushi [Arlington]; Elephant and Castle [Boston Financial District]

I haven’t reported in a while even though we’ve been eating out even in these days of Omicron. We’re either so sick of Covid or we’re just foolhardy. But we are using our best judgement in the interest of Spring Onion’s school.

We’ve been to our very own local, Heights Pub, several times now (~6?). It’s definitely not a destination but for pub-starved Arlington, it fits the bill. We’ve had the gamut of pub grub (big meal salads, great steak tips, hot dogs, nachos, chicken sandwiches) and they’ve all been good renditions. B once ran into the chef, who asked how the food has been - B wholeheartedly said “it’s been good! Thanks!” Always friendly service. We once went and it was busy. We now know to go at off-hours. We are grateful we can walk to-and-fro.

My brother and his family came up to Boston at the last minute after Christmas. We got takeout from Sono, which is our guilty pleasure. And it was exemplary for that type of crowd-pleasing sushi/maki. We still haven’t made it over to Toraya v2.0. Will soon.

Yo, we went out for NYE, which we never do. We parked at North Station and then went to the aquarium because we had free tickets from a neighbor (wicked busy, almost uncomfortably so…we kept moving away from people). I wanted to go to the Sail Loft for a late lunch/early dinner but it got a little later than we expected (we planned to see the kiddie NYE fireworks at 7 pm over Boston Common) and I was afraid that the Sail Loft would be too crowded. B found a reservation at Elephant and Castle for 5 pm. This is a place I’ve been to several times during my mis-spent youth. Well, it ended up much better than I remembered. It was fairly empty at 4:30 pm when we showed up early, but there were enough folks in there to make it feel convivial. We had a bunch of food (a tasty roasted tomato/feta dip, chicken pot pie, Mac and cheese, other things I can’t recall), nice adult beverages and big chocolate milks pours. What stood out most, though, was the friendly hard-working server telling us that the management really took care of the employees even during the roughest days of the pandemic. I was actually shocked that they were even still open. We finished up and walked over to the Common for a spectacular fireworks display the walked back to our car at North Station. An awesome evening out, which we all needed.


What a fun and tasty report!!


Wow, Elephant & Castle! I didn’t think I’ve stopped in there since the mood to late 90s! Didn’t realized they were still open too.

Thanks for sharing, we have curtailed our eating out right now. Waiting for the post holiday surge to stop. Which we are hoping to see happen soon.
We did discuss attending the 7:00 pm fireworks but never quite pulled it together.
No little ones to motivate us.


Yay! Everybody needs a “local” in my opinion.

Our local during the pandemic has been Max & Leo’s pizza in Chelmsford Center. When the weather was good we could grab a pint and a pizza on the outdoor patio. Not a destination either but it scratches the itch. Plus I can cast my gaze on the town library across the street (I love libraries). You know we’ll be there on the first warm day of 2022.


would love a look at the heights pub menu, but haven’t been able to find it online. they don’t seem to have a dedicated website, and the photo of the menu on their facebook page is unreadable.

Menu is pretty much the same as their other location, First House Pub in Winchester.

I completely forgot the most exciting part of my intended post. On Thursday, before the snow, I stopped by a local auto parts store in Arlington for badly-needed car wipers. It’s kind in a desolate area of my hood, with no foot traffic or retail customers besides the neighboring gym. Well, I just happened to walk in at the very same time as a guy going to inquire about landlord info for the building. Listen closely Arlington-ish people…he and his partners are scouring locations for a brewery/tap room (Arlington Brewing Company). The stoopid thing is, he told me the website and then I promptly forgot it by the time I got home from errands, picking up Spring Onion from school. GAH! It wasn’t the aforementioned name of the brewery…something else like “xxxdrinkbeer.com.” And again stoopidly, I didn’t ask his name but we had a short, enthusiastic conversation.

So, in a similar vein as @anon6418899, here’s something to tantalize the local beer drinkers out there…except I don’t have / can’t deliver the goods! :upside_down_face:


I found this: https://www.drinkarlingtonbeer.com/
Looks like they are just building a mailing list so far.


:star_struck: thank you!


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