Random auto scroll to the end of thread

Has this happened to you? When I use the site on my laptop, and I’m scrolling through the responses to a post, sometimes it just randomly scrolls all the way to the bottom of the post. Not a big deal when it’s a 20 response thread. More annoying when it’s a 600 response WFD. I don’t use the app on my phone often enough to tell if it happens there too. Happened to me 20-30 times in the last couple months.

Hasn’t happened to me, that I can recall. I agree it would be very frustrating to be somewhere in the middle and have it auto-scroll to the end of a WFD thread. Question - might your cursor be resting somewhere near the bottom of the scroll bar so it picks up the request to scroll automatically after a few seconds or minutes? That’s the only thing I can think of that would cause that to happen.

We have an HO app?
I’m confused :thinking:

not here, but I have seen such happen on my Windows computer(s) using Foxfire…
you know how if you “hover” over ‘some buttons’ the ‘action box’ appears?
apparently sometimes that ‘hover’ gets interpreted to mean ‘down down down down. . . .’
html / website coding / browsers change aka “improve” almost daily . . . so goofs do happen.

I have also suspected some cases may be caused by the battery in my wireless mouse going ‘near dead’ and sending ‘screwy signals’ - but never had any good evidence for that. if you’re not using a wireless mouse, that theory can be ruled out…

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I don’t think my cursor has been near the down icon on the page because I usually use the arrows to scroll, but it could be. I’ll keep an eye on it and try to collect some data.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking, Tom.

Yes… but you are pulling my leg? I haven’t found it preferable to online, but it’s there.

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Happens to me when I’m using the scroll wheel to navigate down the thread and accidently push the scroll wheel down aka middle-click. pushing it again returns everything to normal.

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I don’t have a scroll wheel. I’m using the included mouse/track pad rather than external mouse.

I was definately getting the same symptom by inadvertently middle clickling by being too aggesssive with the scroll wheel. For track pads it looks like you middle click by touching or tapping the pad with three fingers at once but it varies by device and isn’t always on by default. Not sure if that’s what is causing what you’re seeing but it may be worth checking if middle click and/or auto scroll can be turned off on your device.

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I’m on several Discourse using websites, and on all of them, one common thing is that threads larger than 20 replies only load up 20 or so at a time, so once you scroll past the first bunch you get a partial page reload to display the next bunch.

For me, here and at the other Discourse using websites, it’s common when scrolling up or down that that partial page reload causes a big jump. But I’ve never had it tank me all the way to the bottom of a large thread.

But the smaller scroll problem for me is common enough that as I’m scrolling on any of these `sites, I tend to keep an eye on the slide counter location (over on the right) so if I experience a jump, I have a fair notion of where I need to scroll back to for continuity.