Ramen Nagomi New Brunswick

Finally got to try this place today. We arrived early, maybe 11:45, fifteen minutes after they opened, and it was already more than half full. The coat rack in the corner held at least six white doctor’s coats and about a quarter of the patrons had holsters on, so it seems that both the government and the hospital nearby are regular lunch patrons.

We started with two appetizers, cucumber salad with crab:

Which was a little better than the generic version, likely due to less sugar. And Rock Shrimp:

These were very good, perfectly fried and not greasy at all and a great mix of sauces. For mains we both had the Tonkatsu:

The deeply flavored, home-cooked broth made us happy. Too many places use the pre-made broth these days. We didn’t do any add-ons as the soup came with both chasu pork and special egg. Both these toppings were first rate so I ended up wishing I had gotten extra. Highly recommended.

They are located on Bayard St., there is a lot of construction nearby, and it is a small place. Go anyway.


Thanks. I looked at their online photos. The place look small and simplest, but clean and efficient.

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