Ramen Nagomi Freehold NJ

To the moderator, I am pretty sure there’s a thread for this but I cannot find it.
So I wandered into this fairly new restaurant for lunch today not really sure what to expect.
I ordered a pretty basic Ramen dish with a mild broth & some pork belly.
Imagine my surprise when the first spoonful of broth hit my taste buds & a pretty good spicy explosion happened.
I was pleasantly surprised as I wasn’t expecting this level of spice.
I continued spooning the broth down my throat eyes tearing but fulling enjoying my bowl
After a few minutes the waiter approached & said a mistake was made and I had been served the wrong bowl. I was sort of relieved that I had not ordered something so spicy that I wouldn’t eat without benefit of a cold beer or two.
He then gave me my original dish and told me to enjoy both.
Hey it’s lunch not a ramen eating contest so I happily accepted the original dish & took it to go.
The spicy dish was great, egg, pork belly & tofu.
I was comped my original order.
I was totally floored.
Place is spotless and the hospitality was excellent.
I am certainly going back.
Looking forward to my crab ramen dinner.


Nope. I posted in a Freehold thread when they just opened but this is the first thread. Glad you enjoyed, I also thought they were good.


Thanks for the report, @Ragtopssk! One of the few things I really miss from NNJ is Ani Ramen, so I’ll be happy to check this place out–esp as temps are dropping! Looks like they also have one in New Brunswick: https://www.ramennagomi.com

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Just looked at a few photos of their ramen. Look good. The Shoyu ramen I saw on Yelp is spot on.


So Steve. What exactly was your original dish?

It was a crab ramen, nothing exotic.

Must have been good. Crab ramen is “nothing exotic”? I could eat 2 bowls right about now. There is no such ramen in my (food) hell. No real ramen at all. That’s why I wait till I go to Japan to eat ramen and sashimi.

I miss eating ramen in Japan. Tried to eat it every day and I ate a lot of it.

When I was in Sapporo, I asked an employee at the guest house where she usually went for ramen. Then I asked her to write a note for the ramen shop, that I wanted 4 types and half size each.

Once there I showed the note to someone and waited. Saw the translated menu whilst waiting for the food, but when it came out I still had no idea what kind of ramen he made us. Anyway, the food came and it was 4 bowls at the same time…haha.

4 bowls of ramen. The long-handled spoons are not handy but that’s what they use in Japan.
Menu in both languages. Notice some half size bowls are more expensive.
Name of the ramen shop, which is a short stroll from my guest house.
We ate it all.
The note I brought. Would have liked to get 2 bowls at a time but it worked out OK.


Thanks they gave me the long handle spoon along with chopsticks with my “ leftovers “

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In the places that serve them, I’ve always received a long-handled spoon AND a regular spoon; assumed it was so I could dole some of the soup out into a smaller bowl (for me or to share) and/or to mix the contents. Go figure!

Crab ramen is pretty exotic.
Unlike most people in US, my go to ramen is shoryu ramen and many places make shoryu ramen with a thick milky broth. Ramen Nagomi which you have spoken about seems to make shoryu ramen the way I am familiar with – a clear based shoryu. The description is spot on what I am familiar too: shoyu seasoned clear organic chicken broth + house dashi…

Glad you enjoy your meal. Ramen popularity is still on a rise. The good thing is that it is easier and easier to get ramen. The bad thing is that there are many subpar ramen shops popping up because the demand is high and they can “get away” with it.

What is shoryu ramen or do you mean shoyu ?

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There are at least 2 American generations that used the cheapest highest sodium level ramen to survive college & beyond.
They now look at these “ craft ramen “ places the way my generation looks at craft steakhouses.


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OMG thanks for the Street Fighter memories @joonjoon!

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Nice. Hope you visit them in the future and try out all their other ramen.

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Haha from time to time you see people say “shoryu ramen” by mistake and every time I hear it in my head in the Street Fighter voice!!