Ramayana [Philadelphia} Indonesian shoutout

Just had a delicious meal of food exported to NY from South Philly’s Ramayana Restaurant and Grocery reportedhere
Id say Ramayana joins Hardena as a top destination for indonesian eats in the NE. You Philly guys are lucky.


Thx for the heads up. Back in Philly in December, and have a few meals to fill in :slight_smile:

Any particular dishes you’d recommend?

both the fish dishes I reported on in the other thread were very good (tho the mackerel was dry, as it sometimes is) and @Saregama liked her Ramayana rendang too. I would just go for what looks good to you at either Ramayana or Hardena, it would be hard to go wrong. I think they both have very good sambal - I used to bring Hardena’s home to NYC and the one that came with my Ramayana box was stellar. Hope you give one or the other a shot! Note, as I recall Hardena has only a handful of seats dont know about Ramayana.

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