Ralph's Famous Italian Ices closing in Mamaroneck...(for season)

It got thru the summer doing some good business, along with a run-in with the Village over noise complaints. Now a sign in the window says: Fri, 23rd Last Day. Time to cool off…

I was told during the summer that the plan was to close down during the winter. I don’t think this is permanent,I expect they will be back in the spring. Personally,was not impressed by anything there,except the large # of choices

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Many ice cream places close for the winter - like King Kone.

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They’ve closed for the winter.

You should really do your homework before you RUSH to open yet another thread.

They had a buy one, get one off day, and then they had a free ice cream day to clean out their freezers.


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Thanks for the update, rich51…apparently they are planning others in the county down the line.

Guess GR missed my update.:slight_smile:

Ralph’s in Mamaroneck has reopened for the season sporting new colorful umbrella tables outside…

Ralph’s is opening a new operation on Rt. 22 in North White Plains at the site that formerly housed The Little Spot…

Passed by the newest Ralph’s location in North White Plains and it was packed last night. There were lines…

Well, NOW they’re closing (not by choice).

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Sad. Hope the Ralph’s in N. White Plains stays put! It’s a great location too.

Looks like this is turning into a battle between the village of Mamaroneck and fans of Ralph’s. It’s not over yet, according to reports all over the media…

Very sad. It was great to have a safe place for kids to hang out at night (no other good options nearby). A group of local parents made a big stink about noise and traffic, even though Ralph’s reduced their hours and made changes to improve the parking situation. I also heard that the empty space next door was going to be a Walter’s Hot Dogs which would have been awesome. Nice job, local parents – really looking forward to seeing this go back to an empty lot.

Apparently there will be a rally for Ralph’s tonight in Mamaroneck. Hope it doesn’t rain on their parade…

The ices battle is heating up. News 12 is reporting Ralph’s owner Scott Rosenberg said he will reopen today despite an order from the Village of Mamaroneck to shut down. There was a rally last night with Ralph’s fans carrying ‘Save Ralph’s’ posters…

Wow, this is turning into quite the drama!

Yes, it is! I took a good look at the site the other day while all this was building up, and I must agree with poster David above, I do not see the problem. The owner had made extensive revisions to the exterior. Of course, I am not an engineer…

Maybe you can change your HO name to “IeatalotofRalphsIces” to show solidarity with your brothers!!

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What’s the latest on the Ralph’s drama?

they fought the village by staying open, getting fined $250 a day. Last week their health permit expired and the NY DOH ordered them to close so theyre officially closed now. The owner promised more action…

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