Rainbow Lodge, Houston

We were taken here on our arrival in Houston, and were very impressed. It’s a beautiful space, hunting lodge in its original location, much expanded and decorated.

There’s a remarkable carving of a trout stream on the bar under glass – huge, carved from a. single piece of wood, made 20 feet long?

They serve a lot of game, and we started with a game appetizer of venison, buffalo and quail. Everything was beautifully cooked and nicely presented.

I has a swordfish special --lemon butter herb sauce over rapini and grits – very good

and there were to orders for the trout in brown pecan butter topped with crab
and a serving of buffalo tenderloin that was very tasty, but I botched the picture. Excellent service.
I did a blog post and on the lodge, and several more will be forthcoming as I shift to Barbecue.


Rainbow Lodge is a local treasure. It used to be over on Memorial Drive on the bayou. When they moved to this location they moved that bar carving with it, both locations are extraordinary. The old location is now a Brenner‘s steakhouse on the Bayou. I really like the smoked duck gumbo and every Friday at lunch they feature a different burger made of a blend of different game meats. Glad you enjoyed it.


I gave that duck gumbo a lot of thought.

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