Raider Tavern Watertown MA

I drove by Raider Tavern, a new-looking place yesterday on Waverly Ave. in Watertown right by Roma Pizza and it looked rather inviting. Has anyone tried it? Thanks.

Menu looks pretty standard, which is to say it all comes down to execution. Looking forward to a first hand report.

Yeah, we’re hoping to find a solid local burger in the Waltham area, juicy and consistently cooked med-rare, decent fries and reasonably priced wine. Bonus points if it has a pleasant atmosphere and is open on Monday nights (Raider isn’t) which is our usual cheap-date night.

I’ve had the burger at Not Yoor Average Joe’s a few times and it’s not bad. The wine prices are pretty decent as well. They are in the Market Basket Plaza.

Thanks for that. We haven’t been to a NYAJ in ages, and should give the Waltham location a shot.

I’ve never had the burger at NYAJ but I will say I do like the Waltham location (the only one I’ve been to). The manager is very nice and recognizes us by face and we’ve only been there a few times. I get the salads there (sometimes I just want a big salad and they are still hard to find, even after all the Seinfeld attention to “the big salad”.)

I’ve been to Joe Sent me (there are a lot of “joe” restaurants in Waltham - Jake and Joes too) because everyone talked about them. I wish I liked it better but they do have a little outside area out back in the summer . . .

I’ve also been to Wild Willy’s (I think that is the name) in Watertown. We liked our burger but haven’t been back, so maybe not as much as we liked either.

If you find a good burger place report back!

Have you tried City Streets? I remember them having a decent burger. Another option might be Paddy’s Pub in West Newton, not to far off from some parts of Waltham. I can’t say either have great fries though.

I’ve got to believe that eventually Moody’s will eventually get around to coming up with the perfect blend for a killer burger.

I miss Sadies!

funny that you mention them. I had driven by it many times and then we were going to go . . . and it was gone. I guess they moved to a different part of Waltham (they used to be on Lexington? attached to the Athletic Club? right? - not there anymore. But their website says they moved to . . . . waverly oaks? still in Waltham and not that far).

Thanks for the reminder and thought.

I haven’t tried City Streets. I do remember reading a Globe review that really liked the burgers and the mac and cheese but felt the fries were typical frozen steak fries. It might be worth a shot.

I’ve been to Paddy’s once quite a while ago and should give them another shot.

I think Moody’s offers a lunch burger on the deli side as a special from time to time but I haven’t tried it. It’s definitely a fantasy of mine to have them offer a killer burger and fries in The Backroom, but it’s always so crowded that it would be impossible to drop in without reservations.

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