Ragin Cajun [North Belmar, NJ]

Has anyone ever been to this cajun restaurant? I don’t eat seafood or chicken, but there’s a few items on the menu I can eat.

I am particularly interested in the Creole Onion Soup. Like French Onion only ours is chicken based and topped with melted gruyere cheese.

Sounds good, but I don’t want piece of chicken floating in it… I don’t mind chicken broth.

We went once on the recommendation of a friend. I thought it was mediocre at best.

If you’ve ever eaten anything in New Orleans, you will be disappointed here. It’s more of a music and atmosphere place.

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That’s a rule of thumb I live by being from New Orleans. I never get my hopes up.

My man Remy says the lobster mac n cheese is pretty serious there. This dude knows some food so I’m inclined to try it soon.

@yuppicide you may have tried it, but Drews in Keyport does some nwoleans style dishes that are top notch. Drink a lipitor smoothie before you go :slight_smile:

I’ve been there several times since the previous owner passed (RIP). I was not impressed with the Cajun style specialities. The live music was good but food was not something I would call Cajun. I hope that I was mistaken and this place continues as a Jersey go to place.

We had been to the Ragin’ Cajun a couple of times years ago and it was very good. We had not been there since the original owner died a couple of years ago. Friends who have gone since her death say the food has not been as good. To get our Cajun fix we have been going to Drew’s Bayshore Bistro in Keyport…excellent and BYOB too! The VooDoo Shrimp appy is the best.

This was our experience exactly. In fact, the restaurant was on Main Street in Belmar the first couple of times we went there. The food was very good. They made and sold some awesome hot sauces too. Things started to slide in the year or so before the owner, Tracie Orsi, passed away in 2015. The last time we were there it was pretty awful. A shame.

Thanks for the replies. Good to know I am not missing anything here.