Ragin Cajun - Houston

Ragin Cajun has crawdads y’all. I didn’t see anyone eating them though, pretty small I imagine. Soft shells left the menu last month. I was craving Cajun.

Our server was a waitress at a punk bar in the 70s lit only with black light. She was the only server in the bar dining room and was a flurry of amazing.

Luke Mandola was in the house. Richmond location - I’ve never made it to the Westchase location.

Edit: oh and upon leaving, I drove by Bayou City, apparently when Sir Oyster reported on his oysterfest there most recenrtly, he failed to note the facade redecoration! The whole center including the Hebert’s is glammed up in River Oaks tan and beige. :neutral_face: Not acceptible.



Whaa? Me not noticing and reporting or the glam.

For realz. Must i remind you of its former glory?


That’s how I remember it. Are you sure they’re not in the new location next to Hebert’s.

Welll I didn’t get a good look, but there is definitely a place next to Heberts just saying “Bayou City,” no “seafood and pasta” after it, but maybe they’re still working on it.

I really liked the delightful blue and white. Now it’s standard issue frontage.

I remember a favorite place now long gone on I-10 called Kingfish I used to frequent - first place I had soft shells. Their motif inside made it seem diners were eating under water. Clever I thought, but I’m pretty easily impressed.


We went there in my courting days. They had all you can eat lobster that came with mahi and shrimp. I maxed out at five.


Tacking this on here because I’m a history buff. Anyway, it’s important to know the name of that crawfish … uh, I’ve forgotten already. I’ll have to read the article again.

Also, I learned, while waiting for the worst catfish poboy I’ve ever had at a Frenchy’s in a Valero station on Richmond @ BW 8, that Frenchy’s started in 1967 as a POBOY shop and only added fried chicken later. Frenchy’s is Creole, though, not Cajun, right?

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I want to get back over to Ragin Cajun to support this foodie family. So many Mandola eateries have closed recently. They were all run by different family members, but the Mandolas are a Houston treasure that I want to support. Bye bye to Tony Mandola’s Gulf Coast Kitchen, Vincent’s, Ninos, and Pronto Cucinino. Dominic Mandola closed the second location of Ragin Cajun that was on Gessner at Westheimer. I want to go to Laurenzo’s also for the best clam chowder. Laurenzo’s just smells so good :laughing: :laughing:All that prime rib being cooked over fire back there.

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