Racist chocolate ducklings - no, this isnt a late April Fools joke

Saw it on various British news sites this morning. The names are probably from the song Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen.

Whenever a business bows to the PC police I stop supporting it. A department store here has gone that route, not using words such as “Christmas”, “Easter” etc. They also change names of categories and new labelling.

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It looks like the three candy ducklings were all the same size, so that doesn’t match the Andersen story. In the story the Ugly Duckling is considered ugly partly because it is so much bigger than the actual ducklings since it is a cygnet, a baby swan.

Huh. I’d guess the crispy one is filled with rice krispies, the fluffy one with marshmallow or nougat … but what flavor is ugly?

Brussels sprouts??

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Ha! But that’s offensive to Belgians …

But seriously, this is a marketing fail. Ugly is not a flavor or texture so it doesn’t make sense as a partner to crunchy and fluffy. If the ducklings are all solid chocolate and randomized in the box as to which one was ugly, they might get away with it. Or if they used callebaut’s new, pink Ruby chocolate - now that shit is an ugly color! :crazy_face:

Not intentionally - only that I detest the nasty farty things.

That said, my companion in life always describes Belgians as the ugliest Europeans. I only think of them as the most annoying - driving around, you never know if you’ve moved from a Dutch speaking part to a French speaking one (from time to time, on opposite sides of the road!). Or, indeed, if you’ve crossed from the country into France, and possibly back again.

I don’t exactly get the weight behind the connotation, but well…

The irony for me is that I detest white chocolate. Not just flavor-wise (or lack of flavor, IMO) but the whole concept. It’s faux-chocolate. Take out the good parts of chocolate, and sell the junk that’s left behind. I’m not a chocoholic, but I actually much prefer dark chocolate. You think they’re “ugly”? Give them to me!