Rachael Ray gets confused with Jay-Z's side piece and the results are hilarious...


Since you are bringing this up I should go on the record to say there is already some talk on another web site about an alleged “affair” between Beyoncé and I.

While I know this is the Internet and anyone can claim anything they want, I want to emphatically deny these rumors. Thank you.




Thanks for your clarification. I would have likely assumed your affair with Beyonce and Rachel Roy to be real, but your strong denial on this has persuaded me otherwise.


As everyone can tell I have gone to great length to disguise my identity here, but even with the elaborate and expensive disguises there is always a chance someone knows your true identity. That’s why I feel it’s important to nip this in the butt before it goes any further.

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Willing to be called humor-challenged, but find nothing really funny about a woman being on the receiving end of insane mob worship of a celebrity and the primitive approval of jealousy-revenge – to the point somebody possibly feels they need to cancel engagements. Even if Ms Roy is Jay-Z’s “sidepiece” (maybe he loves her?), she did nothing wrong, not to mention Rachel Ray.

I’m not Rachel Ray’s biggest fan, but she still doesn’t deserve to be targeted - even briefly - by spelling-challenged idiots. Imagine if some Bey-lister had SWAT-ted her. The internet really sucks sometimes.

Oh, I never said she deserved this. I just thought it was funny how insanely stupid some people are.

Guess I’m more easily amused than others.

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Hey, it’s not like I’m above a little schadenfreude. I’d just prefer these shenanigans be kept in-house, i.e., let the insanely stupid target one another.