Raavi Naan Kabab in [Old Bridge, NJ]

Blink and you’ll definitely miss this one. Near the entrance ramp of Route 9 North, coming from Matawan, there’s a bright lime green no-non-sense roadside Pakistani kebab shop, naan bakery, and halal butcher.

Everything is made fresh to order, and it’s strictly take-out. This is a call ahead type of place. If you stop in to check it out, expect to wait 30-40min.

Best choices are namesake kebabs (chicken tikki botis, chicken seekh kababs, or whole tandoor chickens).

Thurs-Sun brings specials such as biryani and the Pakistan speciality nihari (slow-stewed meat in a robust sauce.)

Don’t forget your order of naan, or chicken keema naan.
Raavi Naan Kabab
1297 U.S. 9, Old Bridge, NJ 08857


I’ve heard good things about this place but never stopped in. Thanks for the review.

Can’t find a menu online, making calling ahead much more complicated.

Whiteboard Menu
Chicken Seekh Kabab - $2 Each or $18 dozen
Chicken Tika Boti - $6.99
Chicken Whole Leg - $2.99
Chicken Qeema Naan - $3.99
Whole Chicken BBQ - $14.99
Plain Naan Bread - ??? ($1-2)

Thurs-Sun Menu
Chicken Biryani - $7.99
Goat Biryani - $9.99
Goat Nihare - $11.99
Chicken Nihare - $7.99
Karachi Nihare - ???

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I love this place! It’s a true “Chowhound” type joint, looks totally beat up, even a little scary from the outside but has some treasures in it. Glad you posted about it!


There’s a place in London called Ravvi Kebab that fits your description to a t. It’s the worst looking place on a street full of south Asian restaurants but the food is fantastic. Must be something in the name,


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