Quiz from Slate where you guess the date of a menu. Fun, even though I got every single one wrong

That was fun. I got 5 out of 10.

Scored a 4

I got the first one right then had to stop because there’s no way I could read the second menu on my iPhone 4’s screen. Seeya later on my laptop. ;o)

The crazy thing is that I recognized the two most recent NYC menus from having eaten there!

Scored a 5. Which I thought was pretty good as I’m not an American and not familiar with quite a number of the dishes. Where I was wrong in a couple more, I was only out by a decade - there was one where my choice was between 1907 & 1917.

5 Out of 10

I only got 3 but it was fun. I really liked the menu with the fresh and canned beef section!

Funny I didn’t really pay any attention to the menu items, just the prices.

I couldn’t read it on my 17" laptop :slight_smile: Still got a 6 out of 10

3 right. Got two others wrong after second guessing the answers.

Ouch, I’m hardly ever average :frowning:

6 correct for me - fun!

Woo Fun! But EPIC fail for me!!

Scored a six…fun read!

1/10, but I was only a decade off in each case :grin:

Me too, mostly “close but no cigar.” Tried to use prices as well as ingredients, but not so good at that, either. :wink:

I got four . Confirms I am not from New Jersey and from California .

Thanks for sharing. That was a lot of fun. I only got a 3 out of 10 :blush:

5 out of 10. THought I’d do better as I have a collection of menus from the 1960s. Fun quiz.