Quiet restaurants in [Toronto]

This list has been updated recently, and included Zezafoun.

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Should I assume this is a sponsored list? In many cases, they are good quality establishments. I think Zezafoun is a new-found fave of yours too, yes?

Then good ole Jawny Bakers sneaks in there. How to get ahead in business by being mediocre and inoffensive. Wildly successful for 30 years that way.

I ask because I’d like to know if there’s a standard first. What do you think?


I don’t think it’s a sponsored list? Moses Znaimer (hence the Zoomer) doesn’t like loud restaurants and he had started that list. It looks like the only standard is that staff at Zoomer or the radio station found the Restaurants to be quiet . The list is eclectic enough that many people are contributing to it. I haven’t been to Cafe Maroc and generally avoid Front St restaurants. La Banane wasn’t quiet when I dined on a weekend but I bet it’s quiet on a Tue or Wed (if it’s open those nights).

I’m surprised by a few typos :joy:.

The quiet but very expensive restaurant I know of is Opus on Prince Arthur. I went once, in 2009, and my meal was a set menu set up for a small group, that wasn’t too expensive at the time. Adega was quiet the 2 times I dined there, years ago. King Consort Bar at the King Eddy was quiet any time I visited.
Recently, I took a look at the Opus menu, and mains were in the $60 range.

I’ve only have had takeout from Zezafoun, but it did impress me. I wish the owners lots of luck.

I never have been to Jawny Bakers. Good to know what you think of it!

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I had the misfortune of going to Jawny Bakers when a friend booked it. It was one of those occasions where I had to search the menu for something tolerable.

Most of the quieter places tend to be also higher end or old-school (e.g., Opus). I have found the following fairly quiet: George, Scaramouche, Edulis, Auberge du Pommier, Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hashimoto, Canoe (sometimes). I don’t know of many moderate-price restaurants that are quiet.
The list does mention Batifole, which can be quiet on a slow night.

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Shinobu - which is high moderate has been quiet when I’ve dined there, but I haven’t dined there since 2019.

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Just had a lovely and quiet dinner at The Beech Tree with my bff last week. And on a Saturday night to boot. I love Beech Tree for both its solid consistency and its ability to surprise me every time.