Quick trip to Houston [Galleria] Report

Just a quick, belated trip report from our weekend in Houston in May.

Gatlin’s Fin & Feathers. We were supposed to have met the friends we visited in Houston in New Orleans, but they couldn’t make it work. So I chose a place that might at least feel like New Orleans (and thanks to FlemSnopes for the rec). The BBQ shrimp were pretty legit. Cooked well and served with plenty of bread to sop up the sauce. Blackened catfish was also nicely done if a tad salty, and the collards were delicious. My only complaint was their A/C was not working well on a sweltering night. It happens.

The Pit Room was a good choice for a post-museum lunch. I am NOT a BBQ expert and it is far from my favorite thing to eat, but I really did want some while in Texas. I thoroughly enjoyed the brisket sandwich.

My favorite meal of the trip was Caracol, where I had a crispy duck leg in molé sauce that I am still dreaming about. The ceviches to start were so refreshing and delicious (really liked the one with coconut) and the grilled striped bass wrapped in banana leaf would had been better had I not ordered the duck! I did not want to swap plates with my husband halfway through, but a deal is a deal (and the fish really was wonderful- it just wasn’t the duck, lol).

Brunch at Bosscat was meh. I really wanted to like this place. Very lively & an amazing-sounding menu. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say some of those dishes were probably good; we just didn’t order any of them (roasted mushroom chilaquiles with an egg on top for me; chile verde breakfast burrito for my husband). We did enjoy our Bloody Marys with flaming hot Cheetos.

We had an early flight out on Memorial Day, so ordered in from the Fairdale Food Co. which was right across the street from our rental. Tons of choices, but many not open on Sundays, unfortunately. Pizza & pasta were our only options so we made do with those. Both good, and so convenient, which was our main goal that night.

We also had pastries and other goodies from the French Riviera Bakery & Flo Bakery. I preferred Flo, but would not be mad at you if you brought me pastries from FR. :wink:


I really loive the fried chicken and atmospheres ar Fins & Feathers. The people are so nice and helpful.

I went to Bosscat once for brunch - what a zoo. I guess I’m too old. Ultimately my group went across the street to Eloise Nichols for easy conversation and wine. Very nice.

A new Pit Room has opened in west Houston, I’m looking forward to trying it. But wow the seating looks uncomfortable.

Ha ha, it was a zoo indeed. They sat us older folk in a quieter area, so I appreciated that.

I did see that Pit Room also had a location in Katy. I’ll be curious what you think of it.

I’m glad you liked Gatlin’s, the AC was working great when we were there, so the food probably tasted a touch better.

The Pit Room was the last place I ate barbecue with my father back in 2017 (we were in town for a second opinion from MD Anderson for my mother). I remember it being excellent barbecue, but my attention wasn’t 100% focused on food at that time.

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