Quick! Lunch in Portland tomorrow! (PDX)

Heading down to Powell’s tomorrow morning with a load of books to sell, haven’t though much about lunch options. Downtown-ish (but really anywhere not too hard to find) on a Monday. Any unique gems?

I enjoyed Tasty & (etc), Bunk, and Bamboo sushi on previous visits this year, would happily repeat any of those but would like to expand my horizons.

I have not been to these two but I have wanted to try them:

Nong’s Khao Man Gai. Walkable from Powell’s.
Pok Pok, not in downtown. From Andy Ricker who wrote the book with the same name.

Was in Portland a few weeks ago and got to try Nong’s, which I liked a lot, and also Bing Mi (a cart that sells jianbing) in the same pod which was also quite good. Have also read good things about Lardo, which is also downtown, but didn’t get a chance to try it. Pok Pok is good too but is a bit of a trek from Powell’s if you don’t have a car.

Also for dessert perhaps, Blue Star Donuts is nearby.

We now have Pok Pok sodas in the local store.
As mr. burgundy opined, that escalated quickly.

Thanks! I do have a car but Powells is giving me free parking while they go through my 16 boxes, so I think I’ll walk over to Bing mi & Nong’s & see which looks better.

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Mission accomplished! I really enjoyed the spicy Bing Mi with the salty bean paste and bits of pickled/preserved vegetables. I walked over to the Courthouse Square farmers market for a more atmospheric setting and was still hungry so got some carnitas tacos from Tierra del Sol, also good. Blue Star was closed for the day when I went past about 12:30, so dessert was a Woodblock dark chocolate and sesame bar from Cacao just a few doors up from Blue Star.

Thanks again!

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