Quick dinner in Medford Square [Boston, New England]

Ok, I hope I’m doing this right. I’m meeting some old friends (we are indeed old) for a concert at the Chevalier in a couple of weeks and would greatly appreciate tips on where to get a quick bite first. I assume everything will be packed before a show, but maybe you all have some secret place that no one knows about?

(I’m coming down from Maine and planning to stay in Porter Square, so I suppose we could meet up and eat around there too. I discovered that Japanese food court in the Lesley U building a few years ago so that’s tempting.)


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Not a secret place and no idea if it would be packed but Chilli Garden in Medford Square never disappoints.

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I don’t know how many years ago you were there last, but there have been some changes. Cafe Mami is still there but (in my view) the food has declined steadily over the years. Sapporo Ramen has always been reasonably solid without being spectacular. I haven’t eaten at either in over 3 years, though, so my “intel” may be dated. A relatively new addition to the court is Yume Ga Arukara. I wasn’t blown away initially, but it may have changed, too.

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Real Gusto in Medford tends to be a good option - their pasta dishes are quite good

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It’s just down the road in Medford, so not Medford Square, but I recently wrote about how much I enjoyed Snappy Patty’s. It’s got kind of a rock & roll vibe, too.

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We love Semolina Kitchen; it’s a 10 minute drive from Medford Square with easy parking. Run by the Dave’s Pasta people.


Following, as we will be there in a few weeks as well. (May 7th, just in case @sciencediet that’s when you will be there too??)

No, I’m April 8, Joan Jett. You’ve got Weird Al, also excellent (if I actually lived in Boston I’d go!) And thanks to all for the recs–all look great.


Thanks for the intel…just purchased 2 tickets for my son’s birthday present…to Weird Al.
He will be very surprised/happy!