Questions on US pet travel in Netherlands or EU

Someone recommended that movie to me
I have to wait til it is on prime or Netflix or when I can rent it. I do not go to theatre any more.

Jaggers looks like a fantastic pet
Had argument with my son for 2 days, finally gave in
He is traveling to Amsterdam next Wed for a wedding, staying over for a week
Wants to bring one of my poms, Wolfie with him
I argued that Luna would be lost without Wolfie but it is too difficult to bring 2 dogs on such a long trip
Wolfie is much more patient than Luna, finally agreed after debating within myself .
Wolfie loves to go to the mall, to interact with people. They can bring hi to clubs in Amsterdam and also to the wedding, the reception etc. I think he would have a lovely experience.

Problem! Went to vet because one of the requirement is a rabies antibody titer within 3 months of travel to the Netherlands as well as physical within 48 Hours. Made an appointment for the test today as the clerk told me it takes 48-72 hours to get result. When I arrived, I was told by the vet it takes 3-4 weeks after the lab in Kansas receives the specimen. It also cost $400 plus office visit! Wow, that is highway robbery! Will not be timely for their travel. So, I googled , but am not sure if there is possibility that US dogs are exempt from rabies antibody titer. It has to be a minumum of 5IU, or he has to have another rabies shot, then repeat test after 30 days
Anybody has any experience of traveling to Europe or Netherland?
We did not need that when we travelled to Canada
Called the embassy, who referred me to another number to call in the Netherland.
Unfortunately, it is after office hours!
Actually, in my research, antibody titre is great esp if it is greater than 5 IU, meaning the dog has lifetime immunity and do not need booster every three years. but if one has to travel, that rabies shot every 3 years is required. However, to have a titre done within 3 months of travel is outrageous at $400 each test. My son wants me to go ahead and get the test as he is traveling again in October but I just cannot shell out that much money.

Anybody there knows if there is any exception?
Appreciate it if you know the answer.

!! Agree!

If my cat needs to travel to NL or other EU European countries , his vaccination need to be up to date (less than a year from the last vaccination). I remembered rabies shot should be done in an interval of a few days to a week. I don’t know exactly for dogs, but I guess it should be the same. My cat has a passport (health)! I believe (not 100% sure) that if you don’t shot the pet, they would be locked up in NL for 3 months to be cleared or be refused to board the plane.

Maybe you have cheaper vet? I can’t believe the price!

I know that you need to buy cage conforming to the standard of travelling on airplane. Check with airline company.

Ask him to pay, it’s his request!

I have heard some tragedies concerning pets travelling on planes, sometime errors like they were checked in as baggage with no heater, or the pets got lost with loosen cage door etc. Find a reliable airline with good reputation with pets.

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I travel with them in a travel bag in the past, never let him go in the cargo area.
Wolfie is very good, he can sit on my lap for 3.5 hours without moving a muscle. He is really great but I cannot be sure Luna would do the same. That is why Wolfie is going with my son, not Luna unless I am also traveling and for both of them, I have to travel on the QM2 to UK and fly from there.
Airline has no problem, just entering the Netherlands
His vaccinations are all in order, also his tests for Lyme disease, all done May 16, 2018 , heart worm test done today but never heard of rabies antibody test.
I did call around, that is the rate, 400 plus office visit. There is only one lab in the US that performs the test, Kansas University! I called all the neighboring county vet hospital already.
One vet clinic ask for 300 plus visit.
I think we will have to get him a passport eventually. It was not necessary when we ent to Canada but time is running out for travel this coming Wednesday. He has fulfilled all the airline requirements, just this stupid test that I was told will take 48-72 hours for results the clerk., that is why I went today instead of wait till next Tuesday, 24 hours before physical is required. That is also not realistic. The request came Sunday when our guest returned to Amsterdam for my son to accompany her to this wedding and for him to bring Wolfie along.
Traveling to Canada is within 30 days for physical;. If one is traveling on a Monday, then, it means Saturday or Sunday physical. That is very inconvenient!

Vets don’t have to deal with insurance. And often people will do everything to keep a pet alive unlike a relative. Ok just tongue in cheek on the latter but not far from reality

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From NL govt:

Extract from the page:

Bringing an animal to the Netherlands from a non-EU country
If you want to bring an animal to the Netherlands from a country outside the EU, you should first contact the NVWA. NVWA can tell you whether this is allowed by law, and under what conditions.

From NVWA, nl:

Dogs and Cats must be vaccinated against Rabies 21 days prior to entry in the EU.

I was given the phone number of NVWA by the Dutch embassy today
Unfortunately , they are 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard time
Will call them first thing in the morning.
Just cannot believe that such rare test is required entering Netherland from the US, when the dog has been immunized, tested on regular basis according to requirement.
Still keeping my fingers cross as my son really wants to take him to the wedding ceremony and party after. Wolfie is really a party animal. He is so sociable, loves to have guest and often wants to go out to just sit on the chaise lounge in the evening where everybody congregate when they are here.Unlike Luna, he never retires to bed with me til after 2:00AM when everyone goes to bed.

I think if the dog has update rabies vaccination, it should be fine. My cat had only FELV test, never had rabies test. US is not a high risk country.

Sitting on your lap for 3.5 hours is one thing.

Sitting under the seat in a bag for 6-7 hours is an entirely different thing. Without a wee or a walk for that long is difficult for small dogs. And check with the airlines…restrictions on pets in the cabin are tighter for international flights.

The long flights are stressful and rough on people…I’ll be the dissenting voice and say Wolfie will be happier at home. I have two dogs and adore them, but there is no way I’d take them transatlantic with me. (And one of them did travel from Europe to the US…We adopted him when we lived there, and brought him with us when we moved. )


Unfortunately NL authorities are the only voice.


I agree. With cars or trains which pets can move around, it is easier. International flights are tough, including the waiting and journey before and after the flight. When my cat was younger, he supported better long trip (7- 9 hours including several trains and wait), now he is 7 and he hates it more and more.


I agree that is why I cancelled my trip to Italy in Oct over 2014 when we found out Wolfie sired Luna accidentally ( called breeder to ask for Wolfie’s AKC papers when we were traveling to Canada. She then told us Wolfie sired 3 kids just before he was adopted and has to wait for all kids to be adopted before she can send us his SKC papers).
I still plan to visit Italy again but will have to take the QM2 to UK.
However, Wolfie is very different from Luna and most dogs.
We have this comfortable travel bag which we placed under the seat, he can poke his head out ( at least the airline stewardess during our trip to Canada suggested it. Unlike Luna, he can hold his pee for long period of time. whenever he is about to get o our boat, he does his business. Everybody laugh at that bec my son does not even allow people ini the boat unless they take their shoes off.
I did not want to agree but Will is adamant about it. He wants to see if Wolfie can tolerate that. IF not, he can upgrade returning home. It breaks my heart too but I think once he is in Amsterdam, he will enjoy all the walks etc. Here in Calvert County, there are no malls, He loves going to malls during the rare times we have to go. Loves being in restaurants too! He is my emotional dog and can go to restaurants when I am with him but In Amsterdam, there is nor restriction at all.

OK, It is now clear to me
Whoever sent my son the info that we need a rabies serum titer of .5 IYU to enter the Netherland or EU country was incorrect
That rabies serum test is only done in one lab in the US, at the U of Kansas. It cost $400 , takes 3-4 weeks to get result after the sample is received
That test is only required for High Rabies Countries. A list of those countries can be found the internet
US nd Canada are considered RABIES CONTROLLED COUNTRIES. If the pets are born here or have been here for more than 6 months, that test is not required.
What is needed is a Physical from a Vet within 10 days of travel, a document from a USDA certified Vet ( has to be certified in the state where physical for documentation is made ), that has to be endorsed by USDA Federal Import and Export for Animal in Albany NY,
Needs up to date rabies shot
In addition, to be sure that there is no problem, I am letting my son bring proof that he is free of Lyme disease ( lyme test and vaccine), free of heart worm ( had heatr worm test), had some meds for hookworm, tapeworm and echinococcus so there is no problem in reentry to US.
He has both a US chip. not required) and a 15 digit IO chip
After he gets this USDA Fed Approved endorsement, it would be easy to get a EU passport which we will apply for as he may be going to the Netherland again in one month ( that is if Wolfie does not mind traveling. )

Good to know it is simpler.

however, the cost of the USDA state certificate plus the H&P, the endorsement by the USDA Fed , overnight and return to my address is just under $500.00

Once I get the USDA Federal endorsement , I can apply for a EU passport which would only need a H&P within 10 days of travel. The next time, we have to do the whole process again would be when he requires another rabies shot in May, 2021 and the cycle starts again!

But, I have Luna with me . She does not travel unless I do. She is my shadow. Think I am her mom. She will need USDA state certificate endorsed by USDA Feds when decide I will I travel with her except to Canada. Sold our condo in Amsterdam so difficult to stay in a hotel with them.

Legally, pets in the passenger cabin must REMAIN in a waterproof carrier that fits under the seat. Sometimes flight attendants will allow the carrier to occupy a vacant seat if the seat belt sign is off but it’s entirely their discretion. If any other passenger complains, the pet goes back under the seat. Unless there is absolutely no alternative, pets should not travel by air.

If you are intent on putting your pet through this ordeal, get him a rabies booster.


Wolfie was very happy to return home. When my son took the travel bag out, he. jumped into it without hesitation. He is an excellent dog. . The stewardess upgraded them to first class without charge as there were vacant seats . She also told my son that Wolfie can poke his head out of t he port -a crate bag.

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Yeah, I know how hard it gets to take pets with you for a long trips.