Questions for fun community

I’m a student and I’m going to produce a video for fans (not recipe) just video for fun community! I would like to ask with the target audience before starting!

Dear users, I am very interested to know:

  1. How do you think in what scale (warm, cold or neutral tones) should the video be performed for your community?
    2.Does the author of a particular recipe matter to you or is the picture of the dish itself enough?
    3.What colors do you associate the following products with:
    bakery products
    spicy dishes
    Main dishes

Thanks for your extended answers! It will be very interesting to know your opinion!

Thanks to Google Translate, assuming it’s correct, I think I can welcome you as Alexander?

I have actually already replied to your post on another forum which I look at occasionally - and happened to look at it this morning. I’ll reproduce here, what I posted there (although I’ve given a different answer to your first question, as I view the two communities differently)

  1. Warm - this community is generally friendly and inclusive

  2. I don’t care about pictures of a dish. I do care about the recipe author

  3. Spice - red. Vegetables - green. Fruits - green. Bakery - white. Spicy dishes - red. Main dishes - tricky but brown . Soups - green.


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You are very kind! Thank you very much!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold