question/request re replying...

delighted to find this site.

i just replied to a series of several questions re frittatas on the home cooking page. i wanted to refer to the initial post as i was composing my reply, but couldn’t, so i wound up cutting and pasting the initial post – a cumbersome workaround.

any chance this can be fixed.


While typing in the open Reply box, you can scroll up and down within the original thread so you can read the initial (or any other) post. No need to cut and paste.

don’t know if it matters that i’m using an ipad, but when i tap in the box to start typing, i can’t scroll up.

That’s probably it. I don’t think I have replied from my ipad, just from the laptop.

It can be done on an iPad, sort of. You can hide the comment box, scroll to the post you want to refer to and then resume writing. Not a perfect solution.

thanks for all your help. it seems to be working, at least for now.

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