Question re. Dungeness prices

I just called Swan to ask how much they’re selling Dungeness legs by the pound since it’s directly across from our apt. on Van Ness, and was initially told $55/60 then corrected $65 and it’s 100% local; apparently the health warnings were lifted. Just wanted to check in and see whether that sounds legit with the board. Can anyone suggest a reliable market/fish monger that sells the freshest quality local Dungeness at better value? I’m assuming there’s at least a small upcharge picking up from Swan, or is that basically what you’ll find everywhere for similarly fresh local catch?

I’ve never seen Dungeness sold other than whole. I’d think you’d pay quite a premium for just claws/legs.

I was initially calling about Alaskan King legs, unaware they didn’t carry them. What would normal prices look like for full Dungeness by the pound? I’d estimate 1lb = roughly 3 dozen or so claws/legs, depending on size. What would that look like for whole crab? Any suggestions for freshest local catch at decent value? What about take-out from Swans?

The going rate for Dungeness in Seattle right now, fresh whole, is $11.99/lb, and that’s still high. Until last year the price was more like $6-8/lb.

My fishmonger says prices are high because the crab is scarce, and it’s scarce mostly because a lot of the USA catch is going into the Chinese market.

He also says he’s willing to overnight to California. Mutual Fish (206) 322-4368.


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Thanks for letting me know… $12/lb sounds a heck of a lot more reasonable than $65!

I’ll scratch the Swan plans and look elsewhere.

Live 6.99 # down here at the Santa Cruz harbor .

BTW, the crab body has great, easy eating.

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Is that for cooked legs shell-on? If they’re a restaurant they must be charge entree prices for cooking it for you. Or could that be for picked meat?

Good point. I saw “picked” for $50/# at WF a few weeks ago.

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Buying at the harbor seems the best way to know it’s truly local, but if that’s not convenient, you can pick up live crabs of presumably West Coast origin in a Chinatown (or Chinese supermarket) near you. Last Saturday, the 99 Ranch Market in the Pacific East Mall (Central Ave. exit) was selling them for $5.99/pound.

Where are you please? It doesn’t sound like the SFBA.

Pacific East Mall is in the SFBA East Bay, off hwy 80. Chinatown (San Francisco) crabs are going for $5.95+ per lb.

The ladies at Alioto Lazio have local crab at about $6/lb, and they are always honest about the origin of the crab.

The photo is from Thailand, but I’m normally in Silicon Valley and visit the East Bay regularly.

99 Ranch Market is a supermarket chain. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there if there’s a good local source, but in surburbia it might be the most reliable vendor. Its more Northerly stores are in Daly City, Foster City, and Mountain View, on the Peninsula side, and Richmond (El Cerrito) and Fremont on the East Bay side.

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