Question on a Jersey Restaurant from a Westchester HO

We will be meeting friends for dinner in October. They live in Fair Lawn and we live at the top of Westchester. This time we met them in Piermont, NY and they have suggested a place in Closter called Buon Gusto. I don’t need other suggestions, since they are set on this place, but I would like comments - has anyone been there and how is it. I do know it’s BYOB, but I can’t even find a menu on line. Thanks, Jersey HOs!

I have never been there. All I can find is the menu in the attached link. I’m not sure how recent it is. It seems like an old world red sauce Italian restaurant.

I lived in Bergen County for 15+ years, but never heard of it.
If there’s ANY chance of going somewhere else in that vicinity, let us know…we can certainly offer you vetted recommendations!

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Thanks, Eli. That must be old - carpaccio is only $7.95! And chicken bolognese is strangely titled! @CurlzNJ - thanks for the offer but our friends really want to go here. They say it’s good, BUT - we have had food they called good before. Not so much!

Yeah…pretty sure we all have friends like that! So enjoy the COMPANY. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s the plan!!!

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I just noticed their use of the word Bolognese. Chicken bolognese is with prociutto and mozz in a light tomato sauce - what? And pasta bolognese? It’s with capers, olives, cornilchons in garlic tomato sauce! Oh my, we are in trouble. I’ll eat first like Curlz suggested!