Question for Candy Makers

Can I successfully use candy colors in this recipe? I have a wild assortment of liquid gel colors and gel paste colors, both regular and for candy but, of course, the colors I want to use I only have in candy colors. I’m thinking it should work, but I don’t have that much experience with candy making.

Thanks for the input.

Homemade Candy Corn

Just a guess, but I imagine that the difference is that the candy colors are more stable when heated. But if you’re not cooking the color, then it shouldn’t matter. The candy colors don’t NEED to be heated.

I’d go ahead and make it (well I wouldn’t actually make candy corn but anyway) and do a small test batch with your preferred color to make sure it works before proceeding

LOL. Yeah, I abhor the stuff myself, but I’m mostly making it to see if I can. If I have enough coconut extract I’ll use that rather than all or part of the vanilla. Maybe I’ll even try banana. If not, I’ll just use almond. I’m hoping to make the candy black, purple, and green to keep with the Halloween theme.

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Just thought I’d post the results of the Great Candy Corn experiment. Bottom line - they went over very well. They tasted better than the packaged version, people were crazy impressed by them, and they were well liked.

I would make a few procedural tweaks in the recipe based on my experience making the first batch and I intend to try other flavors and colors, but I think they’ll make occasional repeat appearances. FWIW, I used coconut extract and colored the corn green, purple, and black. A little messy but the clean-up wasn’t bad at all. An easy recipe if you have a good candy thermometer and a Silpat.

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