Question about main screen.......

I noticed today that the NJ Big Ole’ Steak Thread, which I actively participate in, has a box with a check mark in front of it. I’m not familiar with seeing this before, perhaps I never noticed but what is the purpose of this check mark?

As a side thought, is there a way to add a “trending” category to the home page? It might be good to have some notification of “hot topics” that are taking place that we other wise might not have noticed. Say a thread get’s 20 comments in a day, or 10 an hour…it becomes a “Trending Thread” on the homepage. Maybe identified by a check mark in front of it!!! (I was curious if that was perhaps the purpose? It has a lot of activity???)

No idea, but when the cursor hovers over it you see “this topic has a solution”.

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Very interesting…the plot thickens. We now know the topic has a solution, but what is the problem??? (pretty much the story of my life, I always have the solutions, but never to MY problems)

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Some threads’ replies have a check box (little icons left of “reply”). I think if someone clicks on that it applies to the whole thread? Anyway, I want to know if there’s a place where we can read how the board works. The developer must have a help forum somewhere.

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Here is the help forum for Discourse, may be what you’re looking for:

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