Queen Mother's in Crystal City - Report

The Water Park in Crystal City has been revamped and reopened. Not a water park like with slides and amusements; t is a park with a waterfall, right next to a tunnel that goes under the train tracks to access National Airport on foot and the VRE commuter rail.

Food kiosks have been installed, a full service restaurant will open soon, and there is a lot of outdoor seating. Just in time for the cold weather! But it is nice outside for the moment.

Queen Mother’s has moved into a kiosk. It used to be on Columbia Pike and was a popular destination for the hit food item of the pandemic, the fried chicken sandwich. It has been lauded by the Washington Post as one of the top sandwiches of the DC area.

Right now there are three options: regular with their own russian dressing style sauce, a version with honey butter, and a buffalo version.

While the chicken is indeed golden brown and delicious, it is also too salty. Both the regular version and the honey butter are sloppy eats because they subscribe to the ‘more is more’ philosophy of food, which is way too much for me. I did not try the Buffalo. If you go, ask for easy on the toppings.

But I would suggest not going at all. I prefer Chick Fil-A which doesn’t screw up the chicken sandwich. And is much cheaper to boot.

If you want a real thrill, on Thursdays-only the fried chicken on pita at Yellow the Cafe in Georgetown is so much better. Expensive, but worth it for a splurge.