Quebec City trip review

Oldtimer from Chowhound Boston posting again after 10 years. Hungry Onion seems like a worthy successor to CH’s glory days and given valuable posts for our Quebec trip, i thought I should post reviews.

We fortuitously stayed on St. Valliers in a cool hipster part of town that has attracted great chefs who don;t care much for decor. L’affaire est ketchup is well know but we didn’t go there. Instead, we went to its sister Patent et Machine and I had the best veal sweetbreads on Spaetzle


@naf or another mod, could this review be moved to the Quebec board?

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@gourmaniac Long time, no see! The Greater Boston board is a nice place. Hope to see you there.

Thanks digga. Always liked your posts. i’ll start posting more on boston HO

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