Quebec City Restaurant: Special Occastion

Hi there,
Big birthday coming up, so looking for recommendations for knock-your-socks-off food in Quebec City. We’ll be there for at least 3 nights, so please don’t hold back.

Bistro Hortus is on my wishlist. I haven’t visited Quebec City since 2019. Quite a few top places pre-pandemic have closed.

I like visiting Ile d’Orleans when I visit the area. We had a nice breakfast on Ile d’Orleans, on the south side of the island. Quite a few nice places to buy jam (Tigoudou strawberry jam), cheese, black currant products (the black currant syrup is very good), apple ice cider (alcoholic, made from frozen apples) on the island.

Here is an updated 2021 Eater list.

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What a thoughtful and useful response! Thank you!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Laurie Raphaël. Been there twice, first time was fantastic. Second time was during the pandemic and wasn’t as good as first time but still best in Quebec IMHO. Dégustation menu. Extensive wine list at reasonable prices (for a high end restaurant).


Welcome, @Stevey!
I haven’t tried Laurie Raphël in Quebec City yet.
Around 5 years ago, I had a nice meal at the now-closed bistro in Mtl, that was located on Mansfield.

My favorite this past September was Legende
Hortus was fun an inventive. Louise Taverne was a guilty pleasure – comfort food (e.g., burgers, steak frites) very well prepared.