Quebec City hole in the wall joints?

I’m taking my son to Quebec City for 2 or 3 days in a few weeks staying about a 5 minute walk from Chateau Frontenac. Although I’ve looked through a bunch of entries here most tend to be more fancy places while I’m more looking for good local hole in the wall joints. Any suggestions for good (great is ok, too!) local restaurants serving Quebec/French? (We’ll prob do one splurge dinner so if you have one spot for that please let me know.) Thanks!

BIstro-St. Malo is a rustic, hole-in-the -wall french bistro serving decent French fare like mussels, Soup de poisson, Tarte Tatin…etc. Fr

Friendly owners!


Thank you!

For your splurge dinner…HANDS DOWN TANIERE 3!!..check out raved reviews by myself, Dr. John and Estufarian!

Wow! Looks amazing!! Ok so what’s the $ definition of splurge there?

Chez Temporel is amazing for their croissants, so I suggest going there. I believe they serve their cafe menu until 5pm.

Most of us who have eaten there reckon it deserves about a Michelin 2*…For me, IMO, a tastier version than NOMA
As such, the price point of $200 per person for a 10+ multi-course tasting menu is about right?!

I second Bistro St. Malo. We also really liked Le Pied Bleu, a restaurant with a butcher shop attached (or is it vice versa?). Both really fit your description of what you’re looking for.

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