Quarantine Kitchen with Alton & Elizabeth Brown

Has anyone else been watching Alton and Elizabeth Brown on You Tube Tuesday evenings? They mix up a cocktail and dinner live in their kitchen each week. Sometime sing a song.
Its a strange dynamic between the 2 of them, and sometimes painful to watch.
Just curious what others think of the series.

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Lol, if you think of this in the context of what happens to folks who enjoy being on camera while off from work…and you enjoy seeing what these folks are like off camera, then for shits and giggles it’s their way of dealing with downtime. For me, it’s lazy-crazy boredom spilling onto the video page in the land of overly social medium.


Never been a fan of Alton. Grating.:woman_shrugging:

I wasn’t sure what to expect about this show. I thought that Good Eats is a terrific show, but I didn’t like to snarky, ill tempered person I saw in Cutthroat Kitchen. Just too dark and unpleasant.

But I have to say, the show has been a hoot! Lots of f bombs, and lots of chaos in the kitchen. Alton obviously doesn’t spend much time cooking in his own kitchen, because he never knows where stuff is. And invariably, whatever he cooks doesn’t come out right. His meltdowns are epic and very entertaining. Last night’s colcannon failure was funny and messy! And all the while, his wife Elizabeth is trying to keep him on an even keel.

It’s a fun, unscripted dinner at drinks at the Brown’s. For me, it’s gratifying to see that people who are known as cooks, also have their own home failures. Except you won’t see mine on Youtube!


I watched just a few minutes of the one posted up-thread…

You know how sometimes you meet people and you feel almost instantly at home with them, like you’ve been friends forever?

And you know sometimes you meet other people and you realize you’ve been keeping your mouth very tightly closed because you’re trying not to vomit?

Unfortunately, it was the second one.

Something about Elizabeth Brown puts me off. I’m glad Alton Brown is happy. I can only watch bits and pieces of Quarantine Quitchen. Good Eats on the other hand I find totally engaging.

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I think I get what you mean… I’m certainly glad everyone is happy … But something about their being not put off by what’s putting me off puts me off even more.

[slapping myself] Stop that! They are Perfectly Normal People™ ! :laughing: