Pyeongchang tofu house

i’m at the tail end of a soft foods diet, transitioning back into the world of texture. I went to pyeongchang tofu house in Oakland with a friend, since sundubu fits the bill, but I wanted more than the gruel I’ve been eating. I ordered the combo meat and seafood spicy, my friend got the kimchi sundubu, and we split a kimchi pancake, which was on the fluffier side. I like my jeon crispy, but this was perfect for my needs. There was a mix up with my friends order: they brought out a dolsot bibimbap instead of his sundubu. I dug into mine while it was still boiling hot. By the time his came out, mine had cooled, and they only brought one egg for his. I wanted an egg but not enough to say anything.

It was good, but I’m not sure it’s better than my tofu house in SF, where you get a complimentary small whole fried corvina. But the menu at pyeongchang is more varied. And the panchan was better though I didn’t eat much of it because of my diet.

Is it worth venturing away from the sundubu? I almost ordered the biji chigae instead (ground soy bean mash leftover after making tofu). Any suggestions?

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