Put your shopping cart back where it belongs, please!

I don’t get the sense of entitlement some shoppers have. We walk out to the parking lot to unload our groceries and find one cart leaning into my car, others just scattered around the immediate area, some blocking other parking spaces. The stall for the carts was just a short distance away. What’s up with that?


Well, I cannot agree with you more. I think it speaks poorly of many shoppers. Last time I post a thread just like you, and many people simply said that they are too busy to put the carts back and/or it was really the cart pushers’ jobs, not theirs. Cart pushers get paid - they said.

We will see what people say this time around.


Drives me nuts. My local stores have ample return stalls ensuring you never have to walk far to return a cart.

And those people who are paid to push the carts? They are usually the same folks who bag groceries, return abandoned products to their proper shelves, hunt down those abandoned products, etc. I don’t think anyone is paid as a dedicated “cart pusher.”

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I rarely find abandoned carts. My preferred grocery loads your items in your car if you have too many bags to carry. But When I have to visit the other grocery people are respectful to put carts into the corral.

We always put our carts back. I’ll never forget the time I came out of Home Depot to find someone let their cart role through the lot and crash into and wreck my new car’s poor front fender. I was so pissed…would never do that to someone!

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Can’t agree with you more! The stalls are there to corral the carts until staff can bring them back to the building. Leaving carts willy-nilly just causes damage to cars and blocks otherwise available parking spots.

People seem more self entitled all the time and unable to see how a little consideration makes a big difference for everyone. (Done channeling the curmudgeon of my impending sunset years.)


It kind of reminds of this Louis CK’s bit about rental car:

There are a couple slightly strong words, but otherwise a very mild language joke.

I remember this post from Chowhound. This happens to be a pet peeve of mine. One day when I came out of my market a woman with a child took her card and put it directly behind my car and proceeded to go back into her car. When I questioned her - actually I said "seriously? you are leaving your cart behind my car? Am I supposed to put it away for you? She said - well, I have a child. Really - I didn’t know a side effect of childbirth was bad manners!


Wow - where do you live? Sounds nice!

:slight_smile: Heinen’s is a family-owned grocery with locations around Cleveland and two stores now in Illinois. I love them! Employees are super great and most have been with the company for ages. Can’t beat the quality of the fresh foods; decent prices to boot!

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I’m pretty sure that all the large markets in SoCal will provide help to your car if you request it. In some parts of the country there are markets that mark your bags, move them to a central location, and you pick them up in a ‘drive-thru’ line. There used to be one that did that here but I think they’re gone. I have no idea how this would work now with our new no-plastic-bag law.

In some ways that law could add to the issue of leaving carts all over as I see lots of people who just have all their loose items in their cart so there’s no chance they’ll be among those who leave the cart in a corral on their way to their car and carry their bags from there.

I also think there’s a direct relationship between corral users and the number and placement of corrals. I usually return my cart to a corral but 100+ feet, through a whole row full of cars, in the rain, is a challlenge.

LOL - I’m in NY - no help!!! And my market has two corrals in each parking aisle - plenty. It really makes me nuts!!

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Lazy and entitled !!

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Wow - I wrote the exact words in my post and took them out for some dumb reason. I totally agree.

I wish the grocery stores or box stores would have the pay corrals like when I visited Germany . Insert a coin and releases a cart . Put cart back in corral gives your coin back . Other than that I park on the outer skirts of the lot or don’t shop at the store . Trader Joes is off my list with their tight and tiny parking lot . I really don’t care what they have .

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I park in a nearby parking lot and walk to Trader Joe’s, it’s that bad here
Aldi has the coin back carts … no problems with them

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One of the reasons I like Aldi. Only one other store here has ever done that but i wish they all would.

I do almost all of my shopping in the morning, usually before 10am, almost always before noon. There seem to be fewer problems with this phenomenon with morning shoppers.

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Where is Aldi?

There are several in the Bronx however we go to the one on the other side of the Hudson.
156 S Liberty Dr, Stony Point, NY 10980

I remember the story. It is so funny. I think some people think having a child is a license to do stupid things – not knowing that many people also have children. It isn’t that special people!

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