Put those eggs back where they belong, please!

You are making your way thru the market and you decide you don’t really need an item in your shopping cart. Well, you are already half way thru the store and you are not going to walk all the way back to where it belongs. Just leave it in the meat department case. No one will notice…

Yup! :disappointed:

At least the lazy shopper chose a refrigerated area. Those eggs could’ve ended up in the cereal aisle, since they’re a breakfast food.


This drives me mad!!

We see frozen food melting in some random spot down an aisle. Sometimes it’s something pricey like a bag of shrimp.

If I change my mind and I’m just about to check out, I tell the checker or the self check out supervisor that I’ve changed my mind and then they take it and get someone to put it away.

Usually my husband or I will put it away ourselves.


And related to this: People who leave their empty or not quite empty Starbucks/coffee cups on store shelves . This happens in department stores, drugstores, shoe stores AND in grocery stores. WHY?



Ugh, pet peeve of mine when people do that. I can forgive a little laziness, but when it’s an item that requires refrigeration, it really ticks me off. For all the complaints about about corn peekers, peelers, and fruit squeezers, etc., this is an outright waste of good food and merchandise.

I almost always walk back and put it in the right place. I know what it’s like to be in a rush, so I have on occasion left non perishable items somewhere else, but I try to take the 1-2 minutes to walk back. If it’s a frozen/refrigerated good - absolutely, always!

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I read this interesting thread and a few minutes later was out the door to do grocery shopping at Wal Mart. And what do I see in the middle of the toilet paper packages? No, not eggs. An abandoned quilt, in sealed package. Someone realized they needed TP more than they needed the blanket?? But I thought of this thread as soon as I saw the item “out of place.” I also thought about quilted toilet tissue, but that’s for another time.


Funny refrigerated items I will put back 99% of the time, the thought of food spoilage really bothers me. Dry goods, lol those are another story.

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