Pushkin [SF, Financial District]


(mr. dunstable) #1

Just wondering how everyone feels about Pushkin. I work near there and it’s become part of my rotation. Pelmeni handmade every day. It’s in the international food court on Kearny and Bush.


Question: Is there a noticeable butter/dairy flavor in the beef or lamb pelmeni? I love pelmeni but am lactose intolerant (I can cheat a little bit, but anything actually bathed in butter will be no bueno for me).

(mr. dunstable) #3

I’m not sure, to be honest, as I drown my pelmeni in broth and sour cream, so I’m not the best judge. I will ask next time.


Good to see you posting!

Have you tried the vareniki?

(Minhua) #5

I find I never have to worry about butter since it’s basically fat and lactose being water-soluble, should be in significantly lower %s.

(mr. dunstable) #6

Yes, I’ve tried the vareniki. I thought it was just okay, quite a bit like pierogi. I much prefer the pelmeni. Of the other menu items, I like the mushroom pirojki.


Unfortunately, I’m pretty sensitive and have a rarer form of lactose intolerance (might even technically be an allergy; I was a kid when diagnosed and don’t recall all the details), but in any case, butter is pretty bad. I can tolerate, say, a small portion of biryani cooked with yogurt, or a couple bites of a baked good with butter cooked in, but that’s about it–any more and I run the risk of hours/days of sinus hell.

(mr. dunstable) #8

I asked last time, they said no dairy. “No dairy. Eggs.”


Awesome, thank you for asking.