Puritan & Co. "Prime Rib Sunday" [Cambridge, MA]

I wrote this review back in February and for some reason never got around to posting it but my friend and I have mentioned many times we’d like to get back. Oddly, what we remember most is the kale Caesar salad which we agree is the best kale salad in town.

Went to Puritan & Co. my first time for dinner last night. Sunday nights they have a prime rib special: choice of two salads, choice of two potato dishes, choice of two vegetables, choice of two sauces, prime rib and popover, choice of two desserts, all for $45/pp. My friend and I each ordered it and got one of everything and shared.

To start, bread service was wonderful yeasted dinner rolls with butter. Then kale Caesar salad and butter leaf and radish salad with queso fresca. Both salads were excellent, perfectly dressed. We both preferred the kale but agreed that the butter leaf served on its own without competition would have made us very happy indeed. Prime rib arrived and was excellent, as were the potato gallette, the duchesse loaded stuffed potato, the charred broccoli rabe and the brown butter spaghetti squash. The hollandaise was very light and lemony, more suited to asparagus than to beef but the horseradish aioli was to die for. We loved it all but were unable to finish either potato dish or the spaghetti squash because as excellent as they were, they were all so very rich. We fought over the charred broccoli rabe instead. Would definitely go for two orders of that next time. Dessert choices were sticky toffee pudding or some chocolate concoction. I took a pass but my friend got and loved the sticky pudding. The wine list was long and had none of the usual suspects but we had perfect for us bottle of red wine recommended by our nice waiter after he asked about our tastes. I believe it was the Benjamin Taillandier “Bufentis”. Service was delightful.

A bit of a splurge but it was terrific, we felt we got value for money and we plan to come back next time my friend is in town on a Sunday evening.

P.S. - no idea why we felt this dinner at $45 was “a bit of a splurge” but the $45 tasting menu at SRV is “best value in town” but I stand by both of these apparently contradictory statements.

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