Pure kiwi juice?

Hey everyone, just a little curious if anyone has seen pure kiwi juice around northern California. Enjoyed the Nekta brand Kiwi juice while I was in HK and was wondering if there was anything similar in the US. I contacted the company, and they no longer distribute to the US.

I had the most amazing kiwi juice on a recent trip to Shanghai, they had fresh glasses of it at breakfast, although i also did see the bottled kind at a little market
It was rather thick and pulpy. I tried to make my own version and it was spot on and so simple- literally just peeled and chopped three very ripe kiwi, added the juice of half a lemon and blended together. You do need to drink it asap. Add a splash of water for thinner juice or strain if you don’t want the seeds and pulp.

Yeah I tried juicing kiwis for the longest time. Took too long to cut and peel lol. Also kiwis aren’t that cheap per lb :confused:

But the juice was great.