Puranpoli specializes in the snack foods found in the state of Maharashtra in India. It is the state that houses the commercial capital of Bombay (renamed Mumbai these days).

So, here’s what we had …
Sabudana Vada - fritters made with soaked tapioca, peanuts, raw green chiles, rice flour (I think), super texture, but I would have preferred a flatter shape, so the tapioca would be less toothsome, an acquired taste no doubt.

Misal - a legendary snack with grains, lentils and topped with raw onions, a chili gravy of sorts. This was really good, especially because it was not incendiary hot as it can be in India. The kids enjoyed this as well.

Zunka Bhakar - a dry stir fried dish made with garbanzo flour and a bevy of spices, and the bhakar is a flatbread of sorts made with sorghum. This was excellent as I remembered it from many decades ago.

Finally, we had to do the namesake signature - a puranpoli, again a dessert flatbread made with wheat flour and jaggery and garbanzo flour. Pretty good, if a little thick and drier in texture than I remember.

All in all, a great addition to the South Bay Indian regional dining scene. My first visit, but seems like the place has been around for a couple of years.