Pupuseria Blankita in San Rafael


This place is destination worthy. I make the drive out from SF almost weekly for their pupusas and platanos w/ crema. You haven’t had pupusas till you’ve had Blankitas! Forget that stuff they serve in the Mission (panchitas, balompie, etc) it’s really incomparable. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu- revueltas, chorizo, jalapeño, loroco, spinach, etc. Their atole de elote is indescribably good. It’s one of my very favorite things to order anywhere in the area. Blankita is always in the kitchen working hard and she makes time to greet every customer with the warmest and most genuine smile. If you don’t know, now you know — go try it!!!


Daughter had a craving for Pupusa and we were heading to Marin so opportune time to try this place. Agree with everything @Oliverb says, better than any spots in SF I’ve been to. Perfectly balanced fillings and deep corn flavor to the masa, not hard or gummy like some. Atole de elote is like a hot sweet corn soup - they also had it in pineapple and coconut which sounded interesting hot.


Looks great! What did you order?

We had the revueltas, chicken and laroco - a flower I’ve never had before. The place is sort of behind a gas station across the street from the Marin Civic Center.


For some reason, I’ve just recently discovered the magnificent Salvadorean enclave around Bernal in the Outer Mission. I’ve passed by these places prob a gazillion times in the past few years, but never really explored any of them. Earlier this month I was house sitting for a friend, and I decided to try out Balompie Cafe #3 and Montecristo Restaurant 2 on Mission St. I must’ve gone back at least a dozen times since. If you can’t make it to Blankita’s, I highly recommend both of these places! The refried black beans at Montecristo (served w/ platanos) are prob the best I’ve ever had.

Also, I’ve been to Blankita’s twice in the past week lol.