Punjab Kabab House, SF Tenderloin w/ PICS

We tried Punjab Kabab House in the Tenderloin, close to Union Square, for lunch Tues 3/20/18 after noticing Little Delhi was closed.

FREE hot chai, I asked and we can help ourselves. I liked it. They have lunch special so that was good. We both got the Tandoori and curry for lunch $10.95. It took quite a bit of time, I think because of the chicken tandoori, if you get the other dishes it looks like it’s faster.

The combo had a big piece of chicken tandoori leg and thigh pretty tasty, rice, scoop of chickpeas curry, and either lamb or chicken curry. I got the lamb curry, it had 2 small pieces of lamb, I thought was so-so, but the sauce was good. Brother got chicken curry and he said was only 1 piece.

Bunch of regular naan given, was tasty enough. Ask for the 2 sauces: chutney and tamarind. Diners next to us asked for no rice and extra roti so that’s an option there.

You can charge it. One unisex bathroom in the back on the left.

Punjab Kabab House
101 Eddy St (b/t Taylor St & Mason St)
San Francisco, CA 94102


Thanks for the report. That’s a pretty good looking piece of leg that doesn’t look ridiculously neon red. They probably save most of the chicken and lamb pieces for people who order the curry specials?