Pub in UK offers country's cheapest sunday roast meal

One could eat a full sunday roast dinner for just 1 pound sterling at a pub in Kent. The phone was ringing off the hook. They are thinking of doing it again for a few weeks and see how it goes. Around 60 people queued for the bargain meal today. The “catch” is you have to buy something from the bar minimum 3 pounds. Still, 4 pounds for the meal including a pint of beer is an exceptionally good deal.

If it’s a big success I can see more pubs or restaurants want to do it as well.

Photo on the restaurant’s and their FB sites. Though I also saw different photos of the same meal on other sites, but essentially the contents on the plate are the same.


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Actually, the real catch is that you have to go to Margate to eat it.


Margate is quite far from where you are. Or do you mean it has an unsavoury reputation?

I’m interested to know how they source they ingredients. The normal price for the same meal is 7,50 quid. Apparently their business has increased 5 fold.

Both - but tongue in cheek.

I’ve been wondering how on earth they can do it. And I think I may have an answer. Take the usual price of £7.50. Assuming the usual restaurant “rule of thirds”, that would give mean ingredients are costing around £2.50. So, with the new pricing, they have immediately lost £1.50 (and, of course, the other two thirds). The only possibility must be that they expect the high profit margin on drinks to pay off if an increased number of people become customers and buy drinks.

Can’t see how else it works - but maybe someone with practical experience in the restaurant business could comment.

I have the same idea but I think they probably get a price cut on something else to cover some of the losses. More new customers and drinks sold will keep them in business. In any case, it’s a good publicity stunt. Now all of the UK has heard of them.