**“ Providential 9, Markham “ - Dim Sum lunch......first try after numerous dinners!**

Undeterred by the possibility of a long wait, we decided to try our luck at this notoriously busy place for a Dim Sum lunch. To our surprise, wait time was minimal which included even an unexpected allocation of a table inside an empty private room! ( thanks to Manageress Maureen whom I know when I used to frequent ’ Yang’s ’ on Bayview ).

Overall, our selection of savory Dim Sum were well crafted and tasty, despite the fact that some of their filling was a touch on the stingy side and the wrappers for the dumplings lacked delicate thickness. However, the real stand-outs were the sweet dessert Dim sum we ordered. Delicious, well balanced in seasoning and not overly sweet. That freshly baked ‘ Molten salted duck egg yolk custard bun ‘…Wow!!

To me, the star of the meal was the simple sauteed Chinese Kale ( aka Gai-Lan ) in ginger essence and rice wine. Perfectly, well-timed execution and seasoning was spot-on. So pleased to have some uber-yummy ‘ roughage ‘ to go with the carbohydrate heavy meal!

Our menu: