Proven Poke in Asbury Park NJ

I have recently been made aware of this new place on Cookman in Asbury. has anyone been there yet? The only other place I’ve had poke in Monmouth is Fuku Japanese Sushi Burrito & Asian Kitchen in Hazlet (and that was pretty good.)

Haven’t been yet, but I hope they do well and I’m looking forward to trying it! The only thing I was sorry to see is they’re not getting their fish from Local 130, which is right here in town.

I didn’t notice that. Do we know where they’re getting it from?

I don’t want to misquote the article I read…let me see if I can find it.

Wow–I did remember correctly. Norway.
“The sashimi grade fish comes from a sustainably conscious company that uses line caught fish tuna and salmon that is farm raised off the coast of Norway.” Full article is here:

And I’ll say again that I’m still looking forward to trying it–just hope maybe they can source their fish from another local business!

Speaking of poke: