Protocol Question

Hi all,
I’ve got a question to ask you all, about protocol in a restaurant.
We went out for dinner last night… It took about an hour and a half to get our main course.
of four people, on dish was lukewarm (acceptable, barely), one was piping hot. one was find, and the last was cold, which we confirmed by taking a bite. We sent it back.
A few minutes later, we were given back the same dish, with the missing bite, and it was now hot.
So, what should the server have done? How was it heated? What do you all say?
thanks. Just curious and asking…,

pay the bill, don’t go back. kitchen is incompetent.
we went to LV CraftSteak ( Tom Colicchio) - been there pre-pandemic, super.
post pandemic - absolute disaster… the issue is not a limited thing . . .

tip based on server’s attitude and demeanor. the server did not prepare or reheat the food - the only thing the server could have done is bash the kitchen for not timing/coordinating the prep. with 90 minutes, the kitchen certainly had the time, but obviously not the skill.




Me I would have told server not acceptable bring me something promptly.
I am a bit more aggressive than the average person if a quickly prepared dinner was not available order a cocktail or 2 expected to be comped & call for management. Explain how pissed you are and ask what they are doing to salvage your evening.
Microwave food is only for instant meals at home :house_with_garden: in my opinion.


If the food was otherwise good, and it’s a place you like, I’d give it another chance. Maybe have a quiet word with the FOH manager first. Kitchen coordination was obviously poor, but many places are short-staffed these days, equipment can break, etc. The server isn’t blameless either. S/he must have felt the difference in the heat of the plates. Before they left the kitchen, they could have been microwaved, and you would never have known there was a problem other than the long wait, which FOH should have explained to you before you ordered.


Or under a broiler/salamander, depending on dish.

Then there’s this, which deserves more than a single like.


I see you have not worked, or been in, a restaurant kitchen.

Either a fast food one or a high end one.


Pay for whatever has been presented to the table (drinks and/or apps) and walk out before the initial hour and and a half was over.

I’m sorry, but unless it’s specifically noted that it will take over an hour for a main to be presented after the order slip goes in to the kitchen, there’s no reason to stay. And reheating the same plate in a microwave with a bite taken out of it is completely unacceptable.


Nope , never happily . grateful to those who do

Hi. thanks everyone for their comments. I was just curious on what the standard approach should be.
Overall the food was ok. except for the cold spanakopita. Even the fish was barely lukewarm, but whatever. I do think the spanakopita came back from the microwave.
We did leave a normal tip, did express minimal frustration that it took so long, but the place was busy, and it’s all understandable and (barely) acceptable. At least the appetizers came and were eaten, and the company and conversation was good, so we weren’t “starving”.


I commend you on not letting those types of things get you off track from having a nice night out with your friends/family…


Well stated! I try to take that attitude myself, because after all, it’s only food. Disappointing yes, but hardly the end of the world - a good time with friends is most important.