Proposed Merger of NY Burbs / Con with NJ..................

In my never ending effort(s) to enhance the HO experience I am currently working to help @winecountrygirl in her efforts to boost activity on this regional board. Since I have absolutely -0- resources for this area, I’m proposing all participants here place your homes for sale, DO -NOT renew your leases and all come move, literally move your homes, lives, jobs and families to New Jersey where I can regale you daily with my dining exploits.

Ok…looks like my job here is done, another job well done if I do say so myself. Please feel free to inbox me with any questions you might have about NJ neighborhoods, schools, taxes etc. Look forward to seeing you all soon on the Garden State Parkway!!!

Thanks!! Great idea. I used to live in NJ, BTW. North Hackensack. I can totally do a nostalgia thread!

Thanks for the effort!!!

What can I say I’m a problem solver! Where other people see a problem and say; How? I say; How not! It’s that kind of thinking that has gotten me places in the world. :sunglasses: You know, like being a struggling comic on a food based web site.

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but, i’m seeking only commercial properties. MAYBE a mixed-use, work-live type

I’m on it!!

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