Project Kimchi - home fermentation


Here’s a (non-vegetarian) link for collard kimchi!

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I got bubbles. Lots of small noisy bubbles rushing to the surface when I open the lid. It’s been a week.

(John) #43

That looks tasty.

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I should have turned them around, the green side. The cut side is too pale and has no texture. Btw, they are Brussels sprouts.

(ChristinaM) #45

Eep, try not to open the lid. Anaerobic fermentation…

(John) #46

Unless you use a valve you have to open it to let the gasses out. Opening it won’t hurt it any; the ferment will just make more CO2.


You can weigh them down to be sure they stay submerged if you’re going to ferment longer at room temp- the good trick I learned from NOMA book is to fill a little plastic zip baggie with water and use as the weight ontop, worked great for me


You can also fill the bag with extra brine. That way if it should leak the ferment doesn’t become diluted!

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Some Asian pickles come with a plastic disc on top. Save it for this.

(ChristinaM) #50

I can see cracking the lid to “burp” the jar, but not opening it fully. That is inviting infection. Maybe my husband’s home brewing has made me paranoid about sanitation, but…

(John) #51

Well, we ferment about a thousand pounds of sauerkraut every year - non of it airtight. We do airlock the hot peppers when we ferment them but they go quite a bit longer than the kraut. If you are concerned about incoming Oxygen then you really have to figure a way to put a valve on the ferment container. I posted a few examples above.


Great idea!! I’ll certainly do that next time myself!

(Robert Sacilotto) #53

There’s a great, little Mom & Pop vendor Mason Jar Lifestyle, that carry a variety of small-scale fermentation products, geared towards using Mason jars. Glass weights, used to hold food under brine are very useful. They have lids, with stainless steel bands, which allow pressure to escape. I have a bunch of their products and have had excellent customer service from them.

(Eventine Youngblood) #54

So how long should I ferment my kimchi and if I ferment it for too long does it create a stronger more bitter taste?

(anakaren) #55

I’ve been wanting to try kimchi for a while now but I never know how to make it, but this is great. It looks quite delicious.

(ChristinaM) #56

Longer = more sour


Longer will make it more “funky” , not so much bitter.


Sounds ready to me!


Whoahhh!!! Alright!


Nice! I have only done “quick” kimchi - but wow, that looks awesome. Talk about some food porn.

Delicious, scrumptious, outrageous!