Progresso soups

i haven’t been able to do much scratch cooking recently, so many a meal has been canned soup. I discovered that Progresso’s vegetarian soups are quite tasty! In contrast, those with animal proteins are far less successful. They are stingy on the amount of animal ingredient, and the soups seem to taste slightly metallic. The vegetarian ones do have more salt than I would use in scratch cooking, Sometimes I doctor them with things like sriracha, grated cheese, ketchup, or strips of salami. I particularly like Vegetarian Vegetable and Hearty Tomato.

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Progress Italian Wedding Soup would be my favorite. But honestly, I wouldn’t push a bowl away, of any of their soups.

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I don’t do much canned soup and don’t mind skipping meals. But mom (90) needs to eat 3 times a day and she likes Progresso’s veggie-based soups. Like you, she is not a fan of any soups with animal products, but she is fond of the bean\tomato based soups.

I don’t do much canned soup these days (I make too much soup in the summer using up my CSA) but I used to like Progresso as well.

Friends swear by Amy’s veg soup if you wanted to experiment - haven’t tried it. Anyone else?

I used to love Progresso soups. They were so handy when I didn’t have leftovers for lunch. Just pack up a can along with Ritz crackers and I was ready to go. My favorites were Italian Wedding Soup and Creamy Chicken Enchilada. But after several years all of a sudden I noticed the high sodium mouthfeel wise. The regular Progresso soups are LOADED with sodium. I mean big time. I tried the low salt ones but there is no flavor without salt.

I must say that for a Saturday afternoon lunch during a cold winter day, when I am home doing some work, a can of their soup is just fine for me.
I like their creamy mushroom, macaroni & bean and French onion soup, which I “doctor” with a piece of bread and some cheese melted on top under the broiler.

At any given time I might have one or two cans available, and do buy them when they are on sale, with a price about $1.50 to $2.00 per can.

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Recently, a local grocery chain had most of the flavors for 80¢ if you bought ten cans. I REALLY stocked up!


I make too much soup myself as well but Amy’s does make some good ones, their veggie lentil is excellent and this thai coconut milk soup is surprisingly delicious, i doctor it up with some added fresh veggies

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That hearty tomato one is good! For some reason it’s stocked in my local bodegas, last time i got sick and couldn’t deal with life i had a lot of that soup with saltines from the bodega across the corner from me. (And chasers of Nyquil for dessert since they sell it by the individual dose packets) :joy:

If you don’t like the tinny/metallic flavor of some of their soups, have you tried their tetra pak variety? I think they’re the “artisanal” ones and probably costlier than the cans, but I avoid foods in cans as much as I can for the possible metallic taste too.

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Love, love, love me some Progresso soup! I am glad to read that it wasn’t just me that experiences the tin taste from the can, I do however have a cure for that; sriracha! For most of my adult life I have loved hot Chinese yellow mustard in my soups, you know from the packets they give you when you take out. Well in recent years my yellow mustard has been replaced by sriracha!! You put enough of that in your soup you won’t taste the tinny flavor, as the matter of a fact if you put enough in you might not taste anything for a few hours!!!

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