Professional Knife sharpening. Boston West. Newton, Waltham, Watertown??

Seems as though Stoddard’s in Nonantum is a pale creature of its formal self.

Though why they ever thought it would work there is beyond me.

It took over a space that was dedicated to fly fishing, (that died, suprisingly) , and a space even less conducive to traffic than their spot in the the old Copley Place.

But at least that place had a woman who could sharpen like a dream.

I can do it myself but havent the time or inclination currently.

Any thoughts?

totally out of area, but for reference’s sake if you ever find yourself headed towards Providence on a Saturday, the guy at the Winter Farmer’s Market in Pawtucket is aces.

I have been taking my knives Local Root in Cambridge (Huron Village right across from the original Hi Rise Bakery location). Cambridge is local to me, but I (think) I remember them mentioning a Newton location for sharpening at some point, and that seems to be reflected on their blog (

I have been pleased with the quality of work on all of my different types of knives. It’s not inexpensive, but the knives always come back with a razor sharp edge.

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I took mine to the Local Root in Newton (lower falls?) and they did a great job.

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I just dropped off one of my knives. What a great little store! Thank you for mentioning it.

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