Produce with short seasons, Boston area

A few items with short seasons:

Has anyone seen any Hatch chiles yet? Wegman’s in Burlington had hot ones last year and they made a killer mac and cheese.

The sour cherries are available. Wilson Farm in Lexington had them for $6.99/qt. They should make a great pie using Trader Joe’s pie crust.

Wilson has their own blueberries now.

Any other passing precious nuggets? We have a separate corn thread going, so it’s probably best to post there.

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Nicewitz peaches are in. Plums can’t be far behind. Kimball’s blueberries last week were very good for high bush berries. The wild berries that I collect in NH are not ready for picking just yet.

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Farmer Dave’s nectarines will be ready mid-August.

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Noticed that Wilson Farms still has sour cherries as of this morning and also red currants which are another short season fruit.

They’re having a Hatch event on Sept 1-3 I think.

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Oh, thanks, KW. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out.

Arax Market in Watertown has sour cherries for $5.99. They also have an amazing selection of peaches and plums, some local.

Wilson Farm has it’s own garlic. I tried it last year and really liked it, and was happy again using it last night… The freshness makes it juicy and almost sweet, but it is still quite pungent. The cloves are large but not mild like elephant garlic.


I also like their garlic very much. For those with root cellars, I was able to keep the garlic down there until the end of January. Maybe it could have gone longer, but there was none left to test with.

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Local peaches! So happy to have them again after the crop loss last year. Volante Farms on Saturday had several varieties, round and donut, yellow and white. Every one I have had so far was excellent.


Peaches, yes! Picked up some yesterday on a run to the little roadside farm stand at Parlee’s in Chelmsford. We had sliced peaches with ricotta and almond slivers for breakfast this morning. Peaches were in their prime.


Tomato time at last. This week we’ve had luscious vine-ripened cherry and beefsteak tomatoes from a farm stand and from our CSA. Some we paired with an Italian burrata, Bufalus brand, that we scooped up in the fancier cheese case at Market Basket.

It’s everything tomato from now until frost, yum.


Yesterday we finally got to Hill Orchards in Westford, now managed by Farmer Dave’s. The nectarines as well as other produce are on offer at the Hill Orchards farm stand. Now we can get our fill of locally grown stone fruit while it lasts. Thank you for the tip about the nectarines that led us here, @greygarious!

The website says Farmer Dave’s also operates the Brox Farm (Dracut) and East Street (Tewksbury) farm stands, which I have not visited. (See website for open days and hours.)

Nectarines and raspberries for breakfast today.

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Market stall in Lima
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