produce at eataly boston...

had been in no hurry to get there since i assumed the prices would be outrageous (most are). but i saw this piece below in this week’s ny times and decided it was time to have a look. what a shock. not that the produce was gorgeous, but that the prices were so competitive – this from a market basket regular.

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Funny, I just got back from walking through Eataly with my sons and daughter-in-law and had mentioned how surprised I was at the quality of the produce and the reasonable prices. We were just strolling through to grab an excellent gelato but I would definitely return to grab the wonderful fresh pasta and some produce. The seafood and dry-aged beef are gorgeous, but definitely special occasion food.

Apart from a handful of fresh red thai chilies (a nice find), I haven’t bought any produce at Eataly, Boston. But, if they’re anything like Eataly, NY, I’m not surprised that their prices are good. (And the selection at both stores is pretty large.)

(Not to go wandering, but the fresh pasta and ravioli in NY are excellent, and I expect they’ll be that way in Boston too. Their thin-skinned ravioli has spoiled Dave’s Fresh for me, with their rather more “rustic” envelopes.)

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The fresh pasta is probably the biggest draw for me. I haven’t tried the ravioli yet, but will do so soon. The lasagna sheets and cut egg pastas are top notch. The squid ink pasta looks really good, too.

Ditto on the produce. The prices compare favorably to Whole Foods and Russo’s and the quality is good. Though I’ll stick with the Farmer’s markets for now, until they close.

I was disappointed by the ravioli. We tried 3 different kinds and none of them stood out or seemed particularly fresh. The goat cheese and carmelized leak ravioli at Dave’s Fresh pasta is still my favorite.

which one? Russos is a lot less expensive than Whole Foods, or at least it was before Bezos bought them.

Both! The prices at Russo’s seem to have gone up in the past year and the prices at Eataly are the same or better than Russo’s.

wow, that’s something. I have never purchased the produce at Eataly but it always looks great. I will have to check it out.

I buy at both reguarly and I wouldn’t say one is cheapet than the other across all produce. Russo has a larger selection but also some quality issue on the “not high turn around” items